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"Coaching is unlocking people’s potential to maximize their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them." - Whitmore, 1997

“Unless the manager or coach believes that people possess more capability than they are currently expressing, he will not be able to help them express it. He must think of his people in terms of their potential, not their performance. The majority of appraisal systems are seriously flawed for this reason. People are put in performance boxes from which it is hard for them to escape, either in their own eyes or their manager’s.”  - Whitmore, 2002

Coaching is not about counseling, mentoring, supervision, therapy or consulting. Coaching is an approach and a development strategy based on a personal responsibility for one's own success. The coach's role is to empower, enabling a person in each and every sitation to find the best way himself. - Not to coach someone through the opportunities and difficulties of life.

Personal coaching

fotterBased on the client's needs and wishes, we visualize and establish the goals the client wishes to fulfill through coaching conversations. The meetings take place either in Aperio's office in Lund, through the Internet or at a location the client proposes. Personal coaching can take place at three different levels:

Solution focused coaching where client and coach work together to solve a defined problem or issue to achieve set goals.

Performance-oriented coaching or translation-oriented coaching, where client and coach work together to develop the client's behavior, thoughts and abilities to reach the client's goal of becoming who they want based on current situation conditions.

Transformation-oriented coaching helps the client to develop as a person, rather than to develop different qualities and abilities. It is a profound change that requires longer time.

Business Coaching

fotBusiness coaching, addresses the client's development goals focusing on developing the organization, the company or the business. The goal is to achieve results within the organization, rather than the client's own personal development and career goals.

Business coaching enables the client to understand and improve their own role and use themselves as a tool in the process of achieving organizational success. The business coach helps the client to visualize and understand how conditions and personal qualities, including their own and personal perspectives, can affect employees, staff and business processes within an organization. Successful coaching helps the client, to adapt and change, enabling creative personal and business processes with the aim of achieving organizational goals.